Ben, a counselor at Camp Bonfire, adult summer camp, rides his bicycle through camp.
It’s the 4th installment of our Meet An Adult Camp Counselor series. Meet Ben, camp’s outdoor survival guide. 
What is a fun memory you have from Camp Bonfire?
 Playing ultimate Frisbee for the first time since high school with fellow counselor Alan was so much fun. I really got into it. I didn’t realize how hard I was running (and diving) until the hour was up.
What do you enjoy about being a adult summer camp counselor?
I love running bushcraft/survival activities like shelter-building, plant identification, and campfire lighting. It’s great seeing folks from the city interacting with the land and learning new skills.
Why did you decide to come back to Camp Bonfire, summer camp for adults?
I love all of the great people Camp Bonfire attracts. I’m looking forward to enjoying time in the woods. I’m also looking forward to running a few special outdoor activities I have in mind…
What’s something you’re looking forward at this summer’s Camp Bonfire?
Last summer I lead a fire building contest at one of Camp Bonfire’s corporate retreats. We tie a string between two poles that is six feet off of the ground. Teams race to build a fire that burns through the string. People get really creative and dedicated to building their fire. 
What do you do for work and/or play when you’re not at Camp Bonfire?
I am an urban planner who works on sustainability and economic development projects in Pennsylvania. I volunteer for a statewide gardening organization.

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Photo Credit: Paul Gargagliano

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