Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the focus of Camp Bonfire?

Bringing together awesome people to do fun things in the woods.

Who’s going to be there?

Generally speaking…
Camp Bonfire is for adults who love to have fun with other adults who love to have fun. We think one of the beautiful things about summer camp is that really different people can build a really supportive and fun loving community very quickly.

More specifically…
Camp Bonfire is for people over 21. Groups of friends, couples, and singletons are all welcome- the counselors will make sure you’re meeting new people regardless of who you arrive with. Last year we had campers from 21-75 years old. Half of our campers registered with someone else. And half of them registered by themselves.

Camp Bonfire was founded by Jacob Winterstein and Benjamin Camp, long time camp people who like to spend their time organizing adventures and events. (Yes, his last name really is Camp.) Check out the counselors to see who else will be there.

When is it?

We’ll have 2 sessions for 2018, one on June 15-17,
and the other September 7-9. Come to both, you’ll be an expert.

Where is it?

Tucked into the Poconos, we’re thrilled to be hosted by Lake Owego Camp. Trees, cabins, a lake, a ropes course, great food and an archery range- it’s all there, 2.5 hours from New York and Philadelphia.

What will I eat?

Think of your favorite camp food, upgraded for your adult palate. It’s healthy and delicious comfort food. Every meal will have a salad bar and a variety of options. Food will be served buffet style so that everyone gets their fill. There will also be snacks available throughout the day. You can indicate vegetarian, vegan, and gluten or dairy free when you register. If you have a microscopic allergy, strict religious eating restrictions or are an insufferable food snob we may or may not be able to accommodate you. Please email us to find out.

Where will I sleep?

You will be given the choice of male, female, or any gender bunks when you register. We will assign bunks, endeavoring to put you with your friends as much as possible. (But you’ll have instant cabin friends as well.) You’re responsible for bringing bedding or renting linens from us. Each cabin has its own counselor, ensuring everyone is having a great time.

How much does camp cost?

A Standard Camp Registration will be set asap, though there will be some scholarship spaces that cost less. Included in your camp registration is lodging for 2 nights, camp for 3 days, 6 delicious and healthy meals, drinks, snacks and all activities. Parking pass and a bus ticket from either New York or Philly is separate.

Why is this so cheap?

We worked hard to not raise prices this year! We want as many people to come to camp as possible. We cut the unnecessary stuff like LED light towers for the dance party and focus on bringing in talented people to create a great community. We’re also not getting rich here.

Why is this so expensive?

This is how much it costs to rent the facility, feed everyone food and drinks, and hire staff. We hope that in future years we’ll be able to have a campership fund. We were able to keep prices steady, despite and increase in costs, and we’re happy about that.

We think if you consider the cost and logistics of renting a hotel room for 2 nights, eating out 6 meals, renting a canoe for the day, getting a zipline pass, taking a leaf print, survival skills and yoga lesson, and driving yourself to each place that our camp is a really great deal.

I only want to hang out with people I already know and get hammered and also I don’t like games. Is this the right camp for me?

It is not.

Why is this happening?

Short answer: Summer camp is awesome, and everyone should get to go, every year.

Longer answer: A great summer camp is unadulterated joy, mixed with the best conversations of your life, mixed with activities you don’t get to have anywhere else, guided by generous counselors who are there to lead the way into a great time. Summer camp is the best of humanity, and the world could benefit by being more like summer camp.

How do I get there?

You can take the camp bus from New York City or Philadelphia. Or you can drive. If you drive we suggest you carpool because there is a parking fee per car.

Can I drink?

If you want to get wasted and play flip cup all day, this isn’t the camp for you. If you want to have a beer around the bonfire while having a conversation with your new friend or have a few drinks during the dance party, that’s cool.

Will you assign my cabin?

Trust us. We’ll put you with a good mix of people, using the questions in the registration to make sure cabins are set up well. Each cabin has its own counselor, ensuring everyone is having a great time.

What if I come alone? Will I meet new people?

Camp starts with fun ice breakers where you’ll get a chance to meet people right away. Your counselors are super social and will introduce you to some great folks.There will be plenty of fun activities where you’ll get to play and bond with new friends.

Can I bring my kids?

We love kids and there are many great family camps you can bring them to. This though, is a unique opportunity to go to summer camp with just adults.

Can I leave early?

Sort of. You can leave early, but due to safety concerns, you can’t come back. We can’t have people going in and out during camp.

Can I arrive late?

Sorry, late arrivals may not be accepted to camp. Check-In is from 1-3pm on Friday. We understand that emergencies happen, and we’ll deal with those as they arise. You’ll have a phone number to call in that case.

What's the focus of this camp?

Bringing together awesome people to do fun things in the woods. It’s a joyous weekend of classic camp fun.

Can I give or sell my spot to someone else?

Until a certain point.  Check the registration page for details, and shoot us an email from the contact page if you have a question. There is a small transfer fee.  By the time camp rolls around, the name on your ID must match the name we have registered with us, so we know who’s in camp.

What should I bring?

We’ll send you a detailed packing list after you register. A sleeping bag or sheets and a blanket are required, although we have a limited number for rent. You’ll also probably want to bring a pillow.

Is there wifi?

There isn’t, unless some squirrels have gone in on a data plan. But you don’t need it at camp. You’re free!

Can I bring my phone and other gadgets?

If you’d like a phone free weekend we can securely store your phone and any other small valuables for you. There will be a number your friends and family can call in case of emergency. You can bring a phone and other gadgets but you’re only permitted to use them in the designated area.