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We LOVE camp. A lot. And we’d love to do it again. (We may, we’re dreaming about the summer of 2021…)

It continues to be one of the best things we’ve ever done. And for now, it’s hard to fit it into full lives for which we’re deeply grateful. So for now, we’re officially on hiatus. If you join our email list we promise you won’t get any email from us until we come back. Much love,

-Benjamin, Jacob, Chandler, and the Bonfire Team


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We believe in fun, in keeping the summer camp spirit of community and play in our lives.We’re not here to fix you, cleanse you or launch you. We think you’re fantastic just the way you are. We’re here to be at summer camp, a place to relax, have adventures and connect.

We believe that great joy can be found in nature and each other. Camp Bonfire is guided by three values.

fire Invite Create an inclusive community.
At Camp Bonfire, we invite each other to eat together, go for a hike, take a canoe ride, skip rocks on the lake…you get it. Accept or decline, it’s up to you.
fire Adventure Try something outside of your comfort zone.
Some folks conquer a fear of heights on the rock climbing wall, others take up painting for the first time. For some people spending an hour relaxing in hammock can be a challenge. Whatever your adventure, you’ll find it at Camp Bonfire.
fire Inspire Be your radiant self.
Want to wear a cape the entire time? Cool. Ready to skip everywhere you go? We’re down. Want to show off your kick-ass listening skills with some new friends at the bonfire? Listen away. When you shine your best self onto camp, others will be inspired to do the same.

The few exceptions to “You’re a grown-ass adult, do what you want.”

Respect yourself and others. Adults of all genders, colors, ages, sexualities, backgrounds and experiences are welcome. We’re looking forward to you joining us in creating a caring and fun community. We also want you to take good care of yourself. If you want to step away and go for a quiet walk in the woods or take a nap by the lake, please do.

Adults only. Only adults 21 or older are permitted to attend this event. So far, our youngest camper was 21 and our oldest 78. No pets or children allowed. Unless your pet or child is a teddy bear.

No technology outside of the designated area. We want camp to be a place that exists in the moment. If you’d like we can securely store your technology for the duration of camp. Don’t worry, we’ll have a great photographer and a number people back home can call in an emergency.

Skip the small talk. Instead, make Large Talk. We believe life is too short for small talk.
Instead of asking questions like “what do you do?” we encourage campers to ask questions like “what’s something that has brought you joy lately?” We’ll have starter Large Talk questions around camp.

Enthusiastic Consent. Camp can be a fantastic place to meet someone that you’re excited to touch. Great! Now find out if that person wants to be touched, by asking. Enthusiastic Consent is verbal, physical and continuous.

No outside drink. If you want to get wasted and play flip cup all day, this isn’t the camp for you. We’ll provide drinks in the evening.

No illegal drugs. Your counselors want to play kickball and write poetry, not feed you orange slices and wait for you to come down. If you break this rule we must eject you from camp.

No smoking outside of the (different) designated area. We’ll have a marked outdoor area for people who need to smoke. Please don’t smoke anywhere else.

No outside food. You don’t want critters and bugs in your cabin. We’ll provide six healthy and filling meals, some drinks in the evening and lots of snacks. Exceptions may be made for people with specific dietary needs.

Camp Bonfire is all-inclusive so that we can leave our wallets behind and all enjoy the same great camp experience that’s focused on what we do and not what we spend. Activities, lodging, meals, snacks, drinks, t-shirt and digital photo downloads are all included.

There are over 30 activities to choose from. You can mix and match your schedule and do what you want. There is scheduled free-time and you can always take your own.

All of the cabins have indoor bathrooms and showers, single beds, and mattresses. Unless you rent linens from us, you’ll be responsible for bringing a sleeping bag or bedding and a pillow.

When you register, you’ll indicate whether you would like an all-men, all-women, or any-gender bunk, and whether you’re part of a group. We will assign cabins, doing everything we can to place groups together. Singles are common and welcome!

If you come with a love or find a new one, we ask that you use the many acres of forest to express that love (with enthusiastic consent) and not your cabin that has 10 other people in it.

Think of your favorite camp food, upgraded for your adult palate- healthy and delicious comfort food. Every meal will have a salad bar and a variety of options, and will be served buffet style so that everyone gets their fill. Snacks also available throughout the day. You can indicate vegetarian, vegan, and gluten or dairy free when you register.

Camp includes 6 meals, snacks, some drinks in the evening and treats.

Frequently asked questions, happily answered.

When is your next open camp?2018-09-14T23:08:08-04:00

We don’t know yet! Join our email list and you’ll be the first to find out.


It is not.

Am I too young/old for camp?2018-03-14T17:29:51-04:00

If you’re at least 21 years old you’re a great age for camp. Our youngest camper so far was 21 and our oldest 78. Being in an intergenerational community for the weekend is one of our favorite parts of Camp Bonfire.

Do people come alone?2018-03-14T17:29:24-04:00

Yes, about 50% of our campers come by themselves and very quickly make new friends.

Can I come with a love/friend/parent/group/bachelor(ette) party etc.?2018-03-14T17:30:18-04:00

Yes. Camp Bonfire is a great experience to do with people you like. You can request to bunk with people you know when you register.

What are the physical requirements of camp?2018-03-14T17:38:40-04:00

After the opening ceremony, all activities are optional. There is scheduled free time and you can take your own free time whenever you’d like. Campers should be able to walk up a flight of steps and walk ¾ of a mile a day. Sadly, at this time Camp Bonfire is not wheelchair accessible.

Is there a way for people at home to reach me at camp?2018-03-14T17:41:04-04:00

Yes. If you’d like, we’d be happy to store your phone (and other valuables) during the duration of camp. We’ll send you a number that people back home can use to reach you in the case of an emergency.

Can I arrive late or leave early?2018-03-14T17:40:36-04:00

Late arrivals won’t be permitted. You may leave early but after you leave there is no reentry.


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Be the first to find out when we announce our next camp, including when, where, and how much!

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