Hesitant about Summer Camp for Adults?

Hesitant about Summer Camp for Adults?


Collage of Campers in activities at Camp Bonfire. They are definitely not hesitant since experiencing camp!

Here is what our campers have to say to first timers who are apprehensive or nervous about coming to Camp Bonfire.

“Bond with your bunkmates. They’ll be your partners in crime for the weekend and they’ll have your back. Put yourself out there, be vulnerable, be social, play like you’re a kid again, be kind, enjoy this time because it flies by and you’ll be longing for it again in no time.”

“All the best parts of camp, without the pre-teen awkwardness. AND a magical weekend of fun.”

“Just come! Embrace the joy and adventure.”

“Know that everybody is rooting for you here. It’s okay to be yourself and true to you. Cut loose and take risks. EVERYONE at Camp Bonfire is awesome.”

“Stay up late laughing and bonding with new friends. Get up early to enjoy the quiet and calmness of camp before everyone else is out and about.”

“Make camp what you need it to be for you at this moment in your life.”

“Bring an open mind, an open heart and a willingness for new adventures.”

“Suspend disbelief. Enjoy. Be friendly. Just do it.”

“Let go of your expectations and try something outside your comfort zone!”

“Give in to camp and the spirit–let go of self-consciousness and allow yourself to be in the moment–however that manifests.”

“It looked like people would be friendly here. They were!!! By like 300000000%.”

“Whatever your pace in life outside of camp, give yourself the freedom of a weekend without technology or knowing your schedule. Life is so different when you give yourself the space to just exist.”

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