Celebrate The First Day of Spring

Celebrate The First Day of Spring


No matter what the thermometer says, WINTER IS OFFICIALLY OVER! We all know the virtues of spring: days getting longer, temperatures becoming milder, flowers blooming, incompatible-but-bed-warming couples breaking up, new loves being found. It’s a charged season.

For camp people, spring is the opening act for summer. It’s the intro to your favorite song before the verse drops. It’s the raising of the hand before the connection of the high-five. To commemorate the first day of spring, here are a few activities to help you celebrate warmer days and get ready for Camp Bonfire’s summer camp for adults.


Start Practicing For The Talent Show

Shake off the overwhelming malaise of winter, dust off your guitar, juggling swords and favorite lip sync song. “For my next act, I will play the guitar while juggling swords and lip syncing Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody.”




Pool Float Fashion Show

Figure out which pool float brings out your eyes. Bring that pool float to camp. We’ll help you fill it up.





Start training for Quidditch and Capture the Flag

Go for a run while listening to your favorite stand-up comedy. Running and laughing at the same time takes training.




Sign Up for Camp

With Community Minded Pricing you get to choose your own price ANDDDD a portion of every ticket sale goes to Camp Sojourner, Girls’ Leadership Camp.

Happy Spring from Camp Bonfire!