10 Names We Wish Top-10 Lists Called Us

10 Names We Wish Top-10 Lists Called Us


Every year, the Internet churns out posts with titles like:

  • Best Adult Summer Camps
  • Summer Camps for Adults Exist! Our Top 10
  • America’s Best Summer Camps…for Grown Ups!

We often make these lists and these lists often have trouble pinning us down. Other summer camps for adults have easy descriptors:

  • Astronaut Summer Camp…for Grown Ups!
  • Boozy Summer Camp for Adults
  • Absolutely Tech-Free Adult Summer Camp
  • New-Age Spirituality Grown-Up Sleep-Away Camp
  • Wine Smelling and Drinking Camp


Our balanced approach to summer camp for adults makes for a great camp experience, but not the best for taglines.

Here are the top 10 Names We Wish Top 10 Lists Called Us:

1) Choose Your Own Adventure Camp
There are over 40 activities to choose from at camp and none of them are mandatory. Each activity period there is something adventurous, naturey, creative, relaxing and athletic to do. Or you can ditch it all and go read in a hammock.

2) Something for Everyone Camp

Looking to bring friends together who have different interests? The variety of activities at Camp Bonfire means everyone will find something they already love and maybe even a new favorite.

3) Try Something New Camp
Want to try canoeing but don’t want to commit the time and money to a daylong canoe trip? Come take an hour-long intro to canoeing class. If you love it, canoe all weekend. If you don’t, there are plenty of other activities.

4) Well-Balanced Camp
At our summer camp for adults you can start your day with yoga and end it with a beer. No one is getting wasted and no one is trying to get you to reach nirvana. We believe in having lots of different types of fun, in moderation.

5) Diverse Camp
It’s not enough to write on our homepage “Adults of all genders, colors, ages, sexualities, personalities, backgrounds and experiences are welcome.” We hire a staff made up of people of different genders, colors, ages, sexualities, personalities, backgrounds and experiences. We train them in creating a supportive and inclusive community.

6) Make a New Friend Camp
Camp Bonfire is a great place to meet people from your city and beyond. In addition to the awesome activities, the meals, bonfires and dance party are great opportunities to connect with people.

7) Come Hang Out With Your Friends Camp
Hop around camp together or do your own thing and then reconnect during meals. Camp Bonfire accommodates bunk requests if you want to share a cabin with your friends.

8) Camp Awesome Counselors
We pride ourselves in assembling a diverse team of fun-loving community builders. Counselors are not only awesome at teaching new skills like fire building, mosaics and handstands, they’re also great at breaking the ice and helping new people connect.

9) The Come As You Are Camp

“Come as you are, as you were, as I want you to be
As a friend, as a friend, as an old enemy
Take your time, hurry up, the choice is yours, don’t be late
Take a rest as a friend as an old memory…”

The rest of the lyrics don’t really fit our point. But whoever you are, you’re welcome at Camp Bonfire. We think when we get together to commit to fun that our best selves shine through.

10) The Best Damn Summer Camp for Adults/Adult Summer Camp/Adult Camp/Summer Camp for Grown Ups
For real. We’re great. You should come.

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