Artist & Craftsman is Stocking Summer Camp for Adults

Artist & Craftsman is Stocking Summer Camp for Adults


Crafting at summer camp for adults is more than friendship bracelets and popsicle stick photo frames.

Our counselors are experienced teaching artists. Which is a fancy way of saying, they’re good at making stuff and showing you how to make stuff.  Stuff you’ll be proud to display on your own refrigerator when you get back home. We take care of all the boring parts of crafting like planning, shopping and prepping. We leave you with the fun parts of crafting, deciding how many hearts to put on the card to your love, or how many skulls to put on the card to your ex. Our counselors do a lot of the prep work, give you enough instruction to get started and then guide you through the process while answering your questions and offering pro-tips. You don’t have to draw on cheap paper you stole from the copier at your job. We’re using top-of-the-line supplies from Artist & Craftsman.

In the past campers have:

  • made their own mini-mosaics
  • cut shaped and wood-burned beads
  • painted water color landscapes
  • bound their own journals
  • made terrariums
  • designed and printed a set of postcards

Crafting is easier and more fun when using quality tools and supplies.

Artist & Craftsman has tools and supplies that are used by hobbyists and professionals alike. Our adult summer camp arts and crafts activities are designed for first-timers and everyday crafters. Our counselors are great at supporting folks new to crafting. They’re also ready to give ideas and tips to crafting aficionados or just let them do their thing.

The arts and crafts palace is stocked with high quality tools and materials from Artist & Craftsman. Sometimes campers will swing by and grab some colored pencils and paper to do some drawing on their own. Most of the time campers join a scheduled activity to get the chance to work with fun tools (wood burning pens, brayers, and tile cutters, oh my!) and hang out with their fellow amazing campers.

Some campers are die hard crafters who spend every activity period in the arts and crafts palace. A lot of campers swing by for an hour excited to reconnect with an old favorite activity (clay is still fun!) or try something new and bad-ass like making a necklace out of branches and old bones. All are welcome to create at our adult summer camp.

We love working with Artist & Craftsman for several reasons.  They know crafting should be fun. Their materials make it easier to enjoy creating and be proud of what we create. Furthermore they’re employee owned. Finally, they have stores in some of our favorite places: Philadelphia, Brooklyn, Manhattan, The Bronx, Baltimore and Washington D.C.

If you want to read more about the type of arts and crafts activities you might find at camp this summer, check out our sample schedule.

Crafting at adult summer camp.

Using a wood burner to design her own bead at summer camp for adults.