Nature’s Bakery – Summer Camp for Grown Ups

Nature’s Bakery – Summer Camp for Grown Ups


There is a lot of adventure to experience at Camp Bonfire. During your camp weekend you can canoe around the lake, learn to start a campfire deep in the woods, climb the rock climbing wall and practice your survival shelter building skills. You can also chase someone down in the woods while defending your side during capture the flag. Or practice your hiding skills during camp favorite Camouflage. Our summer camp for grown ups requires grown up snacks.

Nature’s Bakery is providing delicious fig bars at our summer camp for grown ups.

In their words “Energy for life’s great journeys.” In addition to all of the adventurous daytime activities, you’ll want to have energy for Friday evening’s Campolympics and Saturday night’s epic dance party. Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars are healthy and delicious. They’re made with whole wheat and feature nine flavors, plus a gluten free line. They also have a new brownie for those with an extra craving for something sweet.

Nature’s Bakery describes their community as “Active, health conscious, everyday people passionate about life’s great journeys.”

We like that. For the campers who are excited to create in the arts and crafts palace, shoot an arrow on the archery range or just read a book in the hammock grove, we’re sure your camp journey will be more enjoyable with healthy and delicious snacks.

If you’re excited about camp, you should register today. There are some discounted tickets left to our September camp and space is filling fast for our June camp. Remember camp is all inclusive. It includes delicious and healthy meals, lodging, some drinks in the evening, all of the activities and finally snacks, lots of great snacks.

Register for Camp Bonfire today and come experience the best parts of summer.

At adult camp there are many adventures to be had.

Canoeing is one of over 35 activities you can do at Camp Bonfire – adult summer camp.