La Colombe Coffee is Coming to Camp for Adults!

La Colombe Coffee is Coming to Camp for Adults!


Our summer camp just got a lot more grown up. Because La Colombe Coffee Roasters will be providing coffee at both our June and September camps for adults.

It turns out that a lot of us don’t start our day with Yoga, then canoe around a lake, then climb a 30 foot climbing wall, then make 5 new friends, then prepare a dance routine for a talent show, then dance in said talent show, then head over and dance at an amazing dance party under the stars and then go to sleep in a bunk bed. Come morning time a delicious cup of coffee is what a lot of our campers need.

(Don’t worry, we’re the choose your own adventure camp for adults. You can schedule yourself a much chiller day)

We’re excited to host La Colombe Coffee Roasters and make them a friendship bracelet for a bunch of reasons.

1) First of all, La Colombe started in Philadelphia and is based in Philadelphia. Just like us! They’re a stalwart supporter of up and coming businesses and causes in Philadelphia.

2) La Colombe is known for their ethical, long-term trade practices with growers.

3) Just like us, La Colombe are great hosts. They have cafés in our favorite cities Philadelphia, New York and Washington D.C.

4) Lastly, La Colombe has begun making headlines with its DRAFT LATTE© – the world’s first-ever textured iced latte. They’re bringing this cold, canned, coffee goodness to camp! Sip a cold latte while reading a book in a hammock. Sounds dreamy.

If you haven’t signed up for camp yet, you should! Since September’s camp has a few discounted tickets left and June is selling fast, you should get your tickets today. Join us for a long weekend of nature, community and fun.


Coffee and canoeing at adult camp

You can bring your Draft Latte on a canoe ride.