KIND Snacks Sponsoring Adult Summer Camp

KIND Snacks Sponsoring Adult Summer Camp


Organizing a summer camp for adults is about figuring out how to create an experience that people of different ages, interests, backgrounds, and personalities will all enjoy. We have over 35 activities to choose from. Each activity period there is something naturey, artsy, athletic, adventurous and relaxing to do. The schedule satisfies a lot of needs for a lot of people. Our counselors are amazing ton-setters that we train to build community so that you can enjoy the people you’re having fun with.

Creating an exciting and varied schedule lead by skilled and welcoming people are the obvious pillars of camp.

A less obvious but equally important part of making Camp Bonfire a joyful and inclusive weekend is the food. Like any good host we want folks to be well-fed with food that is healthy, delicious and plentiful. Our buffets have a variety of options for carnivores, vegetarians and vegans. We also can accommodate people with gluten, nut, dairy or soy free diets.

Healthy and delicious food brings people together.

Our long dining hall tables are great places to connect with friends new and old and share stories from the day. The healthy and delicious food at camp also nourishes us so that we can have the energy to experience all that our summer camp for grown ups has to offer.

For a second year in a row, KIND Snacks will be providing snacks to fuel you through every part of your day at our adult camp.

KIND will provides each campers with a Nuts & Spices bar upon arrival. We’ll have KIND Healthy Grains Clusters at the Saturday breakfast parfait bar and also a variety of bars available throughout the weekend.

KIND snacks are…

Healthy and delicious

Made with simple, whole ingredients – like whole nuts, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables

Made with high quality, nutrient-rich ingredients

Free of genetically engineered ingredients (non-GMO)

Gluten free

Free of artificial ingredients

Free of added sugar alcohols

and finally KIND snacks are

Low in sodium


If you’re excited to experience Camp Bonfire’s activities and enjoy healthy, delicious food with amazing people, click here to register.


Healthy & delicious KIND Snacks fuel your adventures at adult camp.

KIND Snacks will power your adventures at adult summer camp.