Meet An Adult Camp Counselor – Jatolloa

Meet An Adult Camp Counselor – Jatolloa


Photo: Jatolloa (center) in yellow leads her cabins to Camp Olympic victory at summer camp for adults.

It’s the 3rd installment of our Meet An Adult Camp Counselor series. Meet Jatolloa, camp’s fairy god mother.
What is a fun memory you have from Camp Bonfire?
Where do I begin?!?  I have loved my cabin the past two years.  The first year, all I have to say is… Fresh Princesses of Bonfire. We created a cabin theme song for Camp Olympics : “In Cabin Chippewa born and raised.” I also love that I’ve kept in touch with those ladies and our “freshness” lives on.  Last year’s cabin olympics were epic and my team took home the gold. It couldn’t have happened without a bear costume and our beautiful men in their awesome ensembles.  I’ve never seen such good looking mermaids and fairies.
What do you enjoy about being a adult summer camp counselor?
I love seeing the walls of apprehension tumble down.  My favorite moment is when you look around your cabin and everyone is prepping for the olympics, or dance party, and you get this feeling that everyone there, even if they don’t say it-is feeling the camp magic. It makes my whole heart smile. I love those moments.  As a counselor, I feel like my role is to be your first friend at camp and also a bridge to all the magic and friendships that are all around camp.
Why did you decide to come back to Camp Bonfire, summer camp for adults?
“What the world needs now, is camp, sweet camp.”  I believe in the power of human connectivity and community.  And I like looking at the stars at night! I truly think there is something special within the Bonfire community, like we get it, we got it, and we want to share it with the world!
What’s something you’re looking forward at this summer’s Camp Bonfire?
Trying something new! Meeting new campers. Finding out what color the t-shirts are.  Running up to old campers and hugging them with enthusiastic consent.  Figuring out where and how I can add more glitter to everyone, with enthusiastic consent.  The dance party. Those random moments of striking up a conversation that lasts way longer than expected.  Dancing my ass off!  Swimming in the lake. Laughing/crying/snapping hysterically at the talent/no talent show.  I guess I could say…. all of the things?!?!?
What do you do for work and/or play when you’re not at Camp Bonfire?
When I am not at camp, I’m catching babies (I’m a midwife), striking up conversations about reproductive and birth justice  and reminding womyn how badass they are!   I’ve recently rediscovered my love for yoga-namaste!  And love to read…Currently reading “You can’t touch my hair” by 2 Dope Queen’s Phoebe Robinson, the second book in the “All Souls trilogy”, Shadow of the Night and  “You look like something blooming: A memoir of divination seeds to cultivate your feminine garden temple”.   Oh and I am an avid fan of coloring, before it was a thing!  And random dance parties!

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Photo Credit: Paul Gargagliano