Meet Mark, A Summer Camp for Adults Camper

Meet Mark, A Summer Camp for Adults Camper


For our Meet A Camper series we’re interviewing returning Camp Bonfire campers to see why they’re coming back to Camp Bonfire, Real Summer Camp for Adults. For our sixth and final (for now) installment meet Mark from Philadelphia. Be sure to check our blog soon. We’re starting our Meet a Counselor series next.

What is a fun memory you have from Camp Bonfire?

The Saturday night dance party is THE BEST. By that point in the weekend, all of the Camp Bonfire campers are comfortable and have found some friends, and everyone understands that Camp Bonfire is a safe place where you can embrace the moment and have a good time. Combine that with some killer tunes, a cold beer, delicious forest air, and a beautiful night sky… Viola!  You’ve got the perfect dance party I never knew existed.

Why did you decide to come back to Camp Bonfire?
Living in a city, I often crave nature, and crave a place where time slows down and my technology disappears. When you create that atmosphere, and then add in some meaningful social bonding and a lot of fun activities, you’ve got an incredibly rejuvenating experience. It’s good for my soul.
What’s something you’re looking forward to at this summer’s Camp Bonfire?
More of the same! Hammock napping, game playing, uninterrupted social bonding, the cool country air, lake swimming. Damn, I can’t wait!
What do you do for work and/or play when you’re not at Camp Bonfire?
I do Sound Design and other audio related work for theatre and dance, and love adventuring in far away places.

Ready to join Mark and all the other amazing campers? . Register for summer camp for adults today. Spots are limited. 

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Photo Credit: Paul Gargagliano for Hazel Photo