5 Summer Tips: How To Be Your Own Personal Camp for Grown-Ass Adults

5 Summer Tips: How To Be Your Own Personal Camp for Grown-Ass Adults

Our first camp of 2017 was amazing!
We set out to see if a group of grown-ass strangers and friends could create a supportive community full of transformative fun. And for a third year in a row, we did it!  We proved that camp magic is real!

We want to share some summer tips from our first session of Camp Bonfire, Real Summer Camp for Adults.

Here are five tips for having a great summer until our September 8-10 Camp.

1) Bring Camp Bonfire’s Tech-Free ethos to your home!
Host a tech-free dinner. Make everyone turn their phones off and put them in a basket when they get to the door.
2) Host your own DJ lil’dave dance party.
At Camp Bonfire we believe that everyone is a dancer and every song is a dance song.  Excellent Reception & Evesdrop Radio are phenomenal podcasts.
3) Turn your kitchen table into the Arts and Crafts Palace!
At camp we believe that everyone has creativity worth letting out!  Employee-owned Artist & Craftsman supplies the Arts & Crafts Palace at Camp Bonfire and has stores across the country.
4) Make “Large Talk” with your friends.
At Camp Bonfire we skip small talk and get right to meaningful conversation. Try these questions to get you started:
  • -What’s been bringing you joy lately?
  • -Who is someone you admire and why?
  •  -If you had 6 paid months off of work what would you do?
5) Register for our September camp.
End your summer with a long-weekend that feels like a lifetime. The anticipation will add camp magic to your entire summer. We’ll see you soon. Until then, stay hydrated!


Need more inspiration? Check out these photos from our June 2017 Camp


Grown ping-pong with grown adults.

Stand up paddle boarding at Camp Bonfire!

Adult summer camp bonfire.

Singing around the bonfire at Camp Bonfire (meta!)

Dancing at summer camp for adults.

The dance party at Camp Bonfire is always epic.

Headed into capture the flag battle at Camp Bonfire, summer camp for grown-ass adults.

Synchronized swimming at summer camp for grown ups.

Synchronized swimming at Camp Bonfire’s pool party!

Summer tip: Have a crafting party like you're at adult summer camp!

Crafting at Camp Bonfire, summer camp for adults