Summer Camp for Adults = Transformative Fun

Summer Camp for Adults = Transformative Fun


At Camp Bonfire, we play a lot of games.

We play classics like basketball, frisbee golf, and ping pong. We also play classic games sprinkled with camp magic. Dr. Ball, a dodgeball variation with sponges and a Dr. who can bring people back to life. We play Camouflage, a fast paced hide-and-go-seek in the woods and capture the flag with foam swords. There are games that are probably easier to show you than write about, Human Hungry Hungry Hippos, Lemon Jousting, Summer Time Snow Ball Fight, Boat Tag, Giant Jenga, Glitterball/Block/Reload, Skipping Charades…it goes on.

We play to create transformative fun.

When we play games together we get to tap into parts of ourselves that don’t always get to come out in everyday life. We transform into warriors during capture the flag, clowns during Lemon Jousting, and uncontrollable laughers while playing Skipping Charades. Having fun isn’t just fun, it’s transformative. We are reminded of parts of ourselves that traditional adulthood tries to make us forget.

We play to connect.

Instead of networking, making small talk or plans, we get to goof-off, playfully compete, and become completely immersed in creating joy together. We form bonds and friendships when we create fun together. Because when we play together we get to connect in new and uncommon ways. We become reflections of each other’s joy.

Transformative-Fun can only be co-created.

Transformative Fun can’t be consumed like entertainment or accessed like an amusement park. In all of the games we play, we give each other permission to loosen-up. At Camp Bonfire we play get-to-know-you games in pairs, small group games with our cabin-neighborhood and all camp games with over 150 people. We create friendships, small cabin-neighborhood groups and one giant Camp Bonfire community that endures long after camp is done. Camp Bonfire alumni are a year-round source of fun gatherings. Camp Bonfire alumni organize game nights, tubing trips, skate nights, cook outs and potlucks that are a source of connection and transformative fun through out the year. Our community of fun lovers is open to adults of all ages, genders, colors, sexualities, nationalities, religions.
Learn more about how you can join the Camp Bonfire community at our last Summer Camp for Adults of the summer.


Foam Sword Capture the Flag


Giant Jenga


Lemon Jousting at Camp Bonfire, Adult Summer Camp. Creating transformative fun.

Lemon Jousting at Summer Camp for Adults.