Meet An Adult Camp Camper: Cricket

Meet An Adult Camp Camper: Cricket


For our Meet A Camper series we’re interviewing returning campers to see why they’re coming back to Camp Bonfire, Real Summer Camp for Adults.

For our third installment meet Cricket from Philadelphia.

What is a fun memory you have from Camp Bonfire?

I am going to give you two.

1. I convinced one of my closest friends to come with me to camp last year. She had never been to camp, and I don’t know what she was expecting, but on day one, she was ready to go home. On day two she did not want to leave, and by nightfall she said she would be returning!

2. Is there a better game than Camouflage? We walked into the forest and played a modified version of hide and seek. Holy Moly that game was fun!

Why did you decide to come back to Camp Bonfire?

There are numerous reasons why I am returning. The location is beautiful, the people I interacted with — I want to interact with  again (and again), the activities were engaging, I was allowed to be grown-a** adult and sit in the hammock when I felt like it, the food was good, everything was well organized, and every counselor was inclusive, accepting, patient, and humorous in nature. More than that, I think co-directors Jacob and Ben made Camp Bonfire a safe haven for everyone. In my mind, that is the gold standard.

What’s something you’re looking forward to at this summer’s Camp Bonfire?

I am looking to spend some quality time on, near, or in the lake.

I am not immune to social anxiety…Camp Bonfire seems to melt that away. I could sit down at any table during the meals, and there was always someone there that made me feel like they were just waiting for me to sit down to talk with them. After a while, that feeling becomes infectious and I started doing the same. I’m looking forward to being apart of that camp culture again.

What do you do for work and/or play when you’re not at Camp Bonfire? 

For work I am a bioinformatician. I program in order to analyze bacterial DNA…I have often been seen either dancing (while seated) or dropping an invisible microphone when I have written some really slick code — my office mates find me peculiar. For play…I am probably happiest when I am on a bike or in the water.

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Photo: Paul Gargagliano for Hazel Photo